21st June 2024

Your Business Community

Welcome to Your Business Community (YBC). As well as running my property businesses , I am the Regional Organiser for YBC in Cheshire.It’s a voluntary role that I’ve taken on with pleasure and my remit is to help advise and signpost local businesses.

The first thing I would urge you to do is to look into the benefits that YBC membership provides. There is a lot more to succeeding in business than being good at what you do and when problems arise you need to know how to solve them.

YBC membership provides unlimited free Legal and HR advice 24/7 as well as free Tax, VAT and Health and Safety advice during office hours. There’s even a free online document library where you can access hundreds of templates, fact sheets and business documents.

It also gives you discounts on things like business insurance, card processing, finance, printing and much more. If you want it will even give you a completely free virtual landline phone number – no line rental or call divert charges.

There’s a legal expenses policy included too which covers things like tax investigation – something that is going to get a lot of use in the coming months.

We are all looking for more clients and YBC use the expression ‘if you give us your needs we can turn them into leads’. That way business stays within the YBC community which means there is always a reputation at stake rather than just engaging someone randomly.

Sticking together is the best way to go it alone so, if you’d like to join YBC click HERE