26th May 2020


Hi!  I am Steve Evans, and I am a full-time property investor.  I create long-term wealth for busy professionals through property investment. I am the founder of HomeChance Property Investors, creator of ‘The FIVE Deadly Mistakes in Property Investing’, and author of ‘Your Financial Freedom in Sight– A Vision of Property Investing’.

I have been investing in property for over 6 years.  In that time I trained with the biggest and most successful property training company in the UK, who have helped thousands of people from recent graduates to pensioners, builders to architects, and from unemployed to successful executives.  These people have generated over £1/2 billion worth of joint venture money.

Using the same proven systems I have been able to build my own property portfolio, now worth £1.1 million with a rental income of £69,720 a year and growing.

I am now looking to work with a small number of dedicated individuals who would like to achieve results like me and create long term wealth and passive income using property.

If you happen to know of any professional who could benefit from building a property portfolio and like the benefit of passive rental income but are too busy to do it themselves, then download my free report ‘ XXXX’