23rd July 2024

Beat the Banks at the Money Game


*Learn how banks create money out of thin air, and how YOU can do the same and settle your:
·       Credit cards
·       Bounce back loans
·       Unsecured and secured loans
·       Business rates

Magician's hat producing money

Make money out of thin air just as the banks do!

*Learn about the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 that created your birth certificate trust. Learn how you can use this to:

·       Generate money out of thin air
·       Settle past mortgages and other ‘debt’
·       Reclaim bank payments
·       Act as a CREDITOR not a debtor

In this webinar recording, Steve Evans will explain how, when you were registered on your birth certificate, you became a corporate entity who acts as a debtor.

He will also demonstrate that, as a sentient being, you are the source of all credit and as such, have MASSIVE power.

He’ll show how you can harness this power and NEVER be in debt again.

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Watch the video here: